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In September 1994, three pubescent metalheads met in a basement in Gütersloh, Germany, in order to play therir favorite Metallica, Megadeth and Sepultura songs. Although this was a hard task because of their lack of musical skills, Ossi (g), Christian (dr), and Thomas (g) continued rehearsing three times a week.

The band had a hard time finding a bass player until in 1997, Stefan Belda joined the fold. Abou that time, Led Astray found their first full-time singer, Sebastian "Sepp" Schwalbe.

Led Astray 1998
Led Astray 1998

With this line-up, the first demo was recorded in 1998/99. According to the circumstances of the recording process, it was called "Cellar Sessions Demo". It contained a pretty silly intro as well as ten songs that revealed that Led Astray had learned to play their instruments in the meantime. Stylistically, the demo covered Heavy, Thrash, Neo-Trash and Death Metal.

However, as Stefan lost interest in playing bass and tastes within the band had increasingly diverged, everyone but Ossi and Christian left that band. Thomas and Sepp founded the Crossover band Plusmatic.

Led Astray 2003
Led Astray 2003

Ossi and Christian continued playing and writing songs which, subsequently, became more and more complex and progressive. Despite their productivity, playing without bass and a second guitar was not really fun.

After more than one as a duo, Led Astray found Dominik (g) and Charly (b) in early 2001. The progressive Elements were reduced in favor of a driving groove. Later that year, Andreas "Zulu" Litschel of Reptyle took over the microphone, but soon after it turned out that in spite of his great vocals, he did not quite fit in because of his Gothic Rock influences.

As a consequence, the search for a singer continued.

From September 2002 until June 2003, Led Astray had to take some time off as Christian went to Ireland for his studies. He did, however, lay down the drum tracks for the Soundtrack of the radio play "Einbruch der Nacht" by Pandoras Play so that the other guys could finish the soundtrack while he was abroad. In early 2003 it was completed. The radio play is available since January, 2004.

In the same year, Ossi decided to take the vocal duties. This was the line-up of the second, untitled Demo. In September 2005, Christian additionally joined fluid.enc on drums. After fluid.enc had disbanded, he joined Gritspit (formerly The Structure).

In 2007, the third, once more untitled 4-track Demo was released .

In 2013, Christian and Thomas Rabenda co-founded a new Rock group with parts of fluid enc. and After One Summer. The band is called GraustufeRot.

Currently, Led Astray has been put on hold.